Blind Date Ideas

Being on a blind date can be one of the most embarrassing things that someone can handle... being set up by a friend, or family member isn't something that you want to go through. Good blind date ideas other than just dinner can make a huge improvement even if things go wrong!

But where can you go on these dates? What sort of thing is good on a blind date (And if you've been to dinner with a blind date, you know that's not good!), anyway?


Blind dates shouldn't be spent sitting and watching a movie or eating dinner in awkward silence. Instead of doing something awkward with your blind date, go hiking in the woods!

This is one of the greatest blind date ideas - you don't need to talk to each other if you don't want to, but conversation is easy on a trail. Bring some snacks, and if you feel it's going well, stop at a clearing - if not, just head on.

Date going really well? Go out for coffee afterwards, and talk more. If not, just part your separate ways. There are plenty of outs if you're just not having a good time.

Dessert Date

Not sure if you want to spend a lot of time with your date? Why don't you try a dessert date, something different and new - certainly not something your parents would have thought of.

Don't go out for dinner and be stuck. Head to a restaurant that has great desserts, and go out - but just for the after dinner special. Desserts are easy to eat and make good conversation.

If you decide that you're not having a good time, you can leave almost any time, call a cab, and just go home - mark it off as a bad date. Or, if you have a good time, go home together go for a walk and talk.

Ice Skating

It's public, it's fun... it's a great blind date idea. Going ice skating is perfect for both of you, because it has all of the good ingredients for making a blind date work.

If you don't like your date, or don't feel comfortable together, just head out and not worry about it - you don't have to stay long if you're not happy, and if you are, you can share some hot chocolate with each other.

Afterwards, either head home if you're not having fun, or go out for coffee and a muffin if you like each other. Don't be afraid to really get into it!


When it comes to good blind date ideas, remember a few things - if you don't know this person, or don't really know the person who set you up, go for something in public.

Remember that easy access to get out of a date if you're not having fun is important, and not having to talk is also a good key. Blind date ideas are fun, easy, and hopefully lead to a good relationship! See some cheap date ideas here