Cheap Date Ideas

If you're low on cash, chances are, you're struggling to find cheap date ideas that won't seem like you have no cash to spend on your partner. It's okay – we all run low of money sometimes, and there's no reason to be embarrassed!

Cheap date ideas don't have to be a hassle, and you don't have to seem like a cheapskate. Just use your head – you'll be fine!

Window Shopping

Price: $5 for smoothies.
$3-$7 for gas
Total: $12

Window shopping is something that's rarely done anymore, and it's a shame – we all love to be around stores, even if we're not spending anything, and as long as you both know it's window shopping it will work fine.

Don't ask them in a way that lets them know you don't have cash, though. A simple 'Hey, wouldn't it be fun to hang at the mall and do some window shopping?' works best.

Snowman and Hot Cocoa

Price: $3 for Cocoa
$4 for milk

Total: $7

Is it cold out? Invite them over to your place, and frolic in the snow! Building a snowman is something they will love doing, because one of two things happen – one, they used to do it all the time, and will love to relive their childhood memories, or they never did it when they were young, and will appreciate you letting them spend time as a child!

After you've made a snowman, and had at least one snowball fight, come inside and treat them to hot chocolate, with the marshmallows and everything. Remember to make it with milk, though, and it tastes best on the stove!

Movie Night

Price: $5 for popcorn and soda
$6 for movies

Total: $11

Throwing together a last minute date, and have no idea what to do? Short on cash, and need a fun night? Never fret – this is one of the cheap date ideas that they'll not only adore, but remember.

Go to the store and grab popcorn, along with some soda, and then stop at the local movie rental place. Grab a couple of the cheap, older movies – you know, the $1-for-a-week rentals? Sit around all night, eating popcorn and watching your favorite movies.

It's a classic, but they'll love it how simple it is!

Park It

Price: $5 for gas
$5 for ice cream

Total: $10

Grab your partner and head to your local park. Try to make it an odd time, so that the small children won't be running around, and you won't seem like the creepy older people!

Push them on the swings, chase them down the slide, and run as far as you both can. Race to the other side of the playground, and take a walk around the area.

Afterwards, treat them to ice cream. It's a fun date that they won't have experienced from many other people.

There are a lot of good, cheap date ideas around – just really think about what you're doing, and analyze the cost before going anywhere. You don't have to be a cheap jerk, and having fun without money isn't as hard as it may seem.