Crazy Date Ideas

Looking for crazy date ideas – I mean, really
out of the ordinary, not your typical lame date ideas? There’s certainly
nothing wrong with that – we all need a little craziness in our
lives now and then.

Taking your date on something new and different
is the perfect thing to get their attention, excite them about yourself,
and really get into the moment.

Bungee Jumping

Live to jump another day...

Live to jump another day…

Most people are terrified of heights. Even
those that wouldn’t consider themselves fully ‘afraid’ don’t like
the idea of just jumping straight off of a bridge, even if there
is a cord attached.

If you’re looking for truly crazy date ideas,
bungee jumping is a great place to start. Call around and see where
you can find someone who does it – take your date for a ‘surprise’
and tell them it’s to ‘face their fears’.

Jump together on one rope, or separately. Afterwards,
treat them to a calming, relaxing dinner and tell them congratulations.
They just conquered a fear.

Shark Cages

gives a new meaning to 'up close and personal'

gives a new meaning to ‘up close and personal’

Do you live near an ocean? Well, if you don’t,
this crazy date idea can still work – but you’ll need to hop on
a plane headed for the coastline. It’s okay, this can be a great
weekend away.

Call different boat rentals and see if they
do shark cages. This is when you hop into a steel cage, get dropped
in the water with an air tank, and get to observe sharks like the
hammerhead and great white.

It can be extremely exciting, get your blood
pumping, and have a great time. Check with the boating company to
make sure you don’t need any sort of permits or certification -
most places, you don’t, but be sure before you put any money down!

After swimming with the sharks, go out for
some good seafood and talk about your favorite parts, your favorite
shark stories, and more. Enjoy the seafood, but don’t order the

Scare Fest

Ready for a truly spooky night out? Take your
date out for camping – but bring a portable TV/DVD player. Roast
marshmallows, eat hot dogs burned by the open fire, and even bring
popcorn to try.

Afterwards, set up the TV and bring a bag full
of scary movies – as many as you can find. Close your eyes and pick
out a movie at random, then pop it into the DVD player. Make sure
to bring plenty of blankets, and batteries.

Spend the entire night getting scared out of
your mind with movies that will make you jump out of your skin.
After a few movies in the dark woods, see if you can sleep!


Crazy date ideas are just that – crazy, insane,
and a lot of fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment with something
completely ‘out there’, because you never know what might come of

Besides, if we didn’t have crazy date ideas,
dating life would be a lot more boring! By the way if you’re on a budget, check out some cheap date ideas here