Creative Date Ideas

One of the keys to building on a new relationship
is using creative dating ideas to help get to know each other, and
understand what you’re both like… this can be hard. Very hard.
Not the dating – oh no, dating is easy! And getting to know someone
can be fun and exciting.

But finding creative date ideas is the hard
part. Most people don’t even know where to start, and end up taking
their date on stale, overused and
underappreciated dates.

No more… don’t succumb to the normal expectations
of a date – exceed them, and you know they’ll keep you close in
her mind, and heart.

Middle of the Mall

This one can be a lot of fun if you’re the
light hearted type, but for more serious folks, you should try to
steer clear.

Grab a pack of cards – this can just be a plain
old deck you can buy anywhere, or you can bring Uno cards if you’re
interested in playing something even more childish. A set of both
works, too.

Pick your partner up and take them to the mall,
and find a place in the middle with seats. A table works best -
sometimes malls will have large tables, too, so don’t be afraid
to cop a squat in front of one.

Drag out your cards and set up your game! There’s
no rule in a mall that you can’t do it, and it can be a
lot of fun sitting, watching people go about their day and getting
to know one another.

Afterwards, grab a quick bite to eat just about
anywhere, though try to avoid the food court unless they bring it
up. It’s not quite the most romantic place in the world, and it
surely doesn’t make the best impression!

Pizza, Pizza!

This date can be so much fun, especially if
you love pizza, but can’t cook very well. They’ll also adore this
one not only because it shows that you’re willing to try something
new, but that you’re adventurous, and willing to cook for them (Trust
me, they’ll get that out of this date!).

Before your date, head to the store and pick
up your supplies. The basics you need are a few premade pizza crusts
(You can grab these frozen, or fresh, and just about any size. A
few personal sized pizza let you both experiment, and they can take
home the leftovers), along with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.
You can also grab any sort of toppings that you like – pepperoni,
ham, sausage, pineapple, or even anchovies.

Bring it all home, along with your date, and start cooking (Remember to have your place clean, though)!

Each of you should make a few pizzas, and have fun with it. Toss cheese on it (And their hair), let the sauce go everywhere, eat most of the toppings… you get the idea.

Pop them in the oven, and throw on a movie
you both enjoy (Or maybe a new one you’ve just rented). When they’re
done, finish your movie with your home made pizza.

If they don’t turn out so well, have a back
up plan – like take out Chinese.


Creative date ideas are just that. Creative!
So have fun with your date, and remember that you can go off the
wall, and do just about anything, as long as two people can do it.

Fun, romantic, and sweet are the most important
points of finding a good, creative date idea. Also, visit
 our sister site for more date ideas: