Cute Date Ideas

Most women love things that are cute, sweet,
and caring – but thinking of cute date ideas can be hard sometimes,
especially if you’re not sure where to begin.

Being sweet doesn’t have to be hard, and you
certainly don’t have to struggle through the idea of take care of

‘Spa day’

One of my very favorite cute date ideas is
having a spa day. I’ve found that this is spectacular when it
comes to women, and they absolutely love it.

See if you can find a book at the library,
or a few articles online, about what exactly a spa does… how a
facial mask works, tips on giving a good massage, etc. Then, take
the day off, and make sure that she doesn’t have anything to do.

Bring her over to your house, and surprise
her with a spa day just for her. This can get a bit expensive, but
you can cut down on prices by shopping at a store like WalMart,
which has name brands that cost up to half off.

Treat her like a princess for the entire day.
Give her a facial mask or peel, a full body massage, put on the
music that she loves or a movie that she adores, rub her feet, make
her lunch or dinner… pamper her for the entire day.

She’ll never forget it, and you’ll earn major
props in her eyes for being such a sweet, caring boyfriend.

By the Lake

Grab a cooler, and fill it with sandwiches,
along with some soda. Wrap up candles and a lighter, and hide it
at the bottom of the cooler, or in another bag you’re taking along.
Grab your sandals, along with your date, and head out to the lake.

Most lakes have a beach-like area, with sand
and the water lapping up. If you live near the ocean, that would
work well, too, but it’s not needed – a lake works just fine.

Sit down on the sand and surprise her with
the food. After the sun goes down, bring out your candles and bury
the bottoms in the sand. Light them, and sit by candle light enjoying
the water and the stars.

If you’re really adventurous, grab some marshmallows
and a few toothpicks, and roast them over the candle light. It’s
so cute, she can’t help but smile and enjoy herself!

Home Dance

Send your girl an ‘invite’ to a ‘very special
dance’ being held in your living room. You should make it in the
evening, and ensure that she’s not going to be there until the specific
time. Let her know to wear an evening, not casual, outfit.

This is totally opposite of what you should do...

This is totally opposite of what you should do…

Move all of your furniture out of the way -
if you have to, put it in another room, like the dining room. Cover
your TV and stereo equipment, and make a mix CD of dance songs,
both slow and fast. Clean nick-knacks off of your tables, and move
them to another room, too. If you push your coffee table, or something
else with a flat surface, to the edge of the room, fill a few bowls
up with pretzels and Cheetos, and make sure to have soda or punch

Dress your best, and surprise her with a dance
in your very own living room. It’s personal and different, and she’ll
adore the time that you put into it!


Cute date ideas aren’t one thing or another.
It’s what she likes, what you like, and what you both can do together
to enjoy yourselves. Pay attention when she talks about what she
enjoys, and she’ll give you about a hundred different things to
do that she’ll love.