Date Ideas Boston

Many big cities have some of the best attractions…
when finding date ideas Boston is no exception – some of the most
exciting things are here, from quiet nights to thrilling discoveries.

Boston is a great city – don’t discount it,
and it will give you a lot.

Lecture Me

When consider date ideas, Boston has a lot
of offer, because it’s so built up – and one of the things to consider
is that there are two of the biggest colleges in the US right by
(MIT and Harvard), not to mention other, smaller colleges.

If you want to impress your partner, take them
on a great date – a lecture! There are tons of speakers in the area
at all times, so check with local venues, and the colleges nearby.
After hearing some interesting topics, head to Matt McMurphy’s and
enjoy some of the greatest local entertainment that Boston has to

It’s not a date that’s usual, which is why
it’s so exciting, and interesting. We could all use a little stimulation
now and then!

Odyssey Cruise

Ever want to go for something out of the ordinary?
Well, you might not have thought that you could find date ideas
Boston or not, that would be this exciting… but you really can.

Odyssey cruise offers you something so unique,
you’ll never experience anything like it. Step onto their cruise
vessel and enjoy the amazing views and incredible experiences that
it offers you.

You can choose from unique foods that are prepared
fresh, never prepackaged or reheated, and live music is always there
to enhance it. This will be something that they’ll really remember
for the rest of their life.


Looking for something a little more in budget?
Why don’t you first try the blue hills reservation – it’s very near
Boston itself, and offers some amazingly unique sights and sounds.
Take a trail and appreciate nature for no cost at all.

Afterwards, stop at Mike’s Pastry, on Hanover
Street (300 Hanover Street). Stroll, if you’d like, and explore
the small store fronts. You can great different pastries, or perhaps
just a cappuccino at Mike’s, for little cost.

Haymarket Fun

Not the prettiest picture of a Boston Haymarket

Not the prettiest picture of a Boston Haymarket

Want something more day-time friendly? Why
don’t you spend a Friday or Saturday at the Haymarket? Countless
flock to it each weekend, not only for the excitement of finding
something new – but for the prices that beat any supermarket in
the area.

Haggle with the local venders, and move with
a huge crowd as you grab different fresh, organic foods. Afterwards,
head to your home (Or, if you’re planning a visit, stay at an extended
stay-style hotel that will have a kitchen-ette) and cook a meal
from what you’ve purchased.

It’s healthy, it’s fun, and there’s a lot of
bonding time that you get to spend together. Besides, how many people
can say that they’ve done something like this?