Date Ideas & Tips

A date is something that is traditional, special, and should be unique and fun... a person should never be subjected to the same date again and again, with the only change being the time of day, or the movie they are seeing.

Finding good date ideas, though, can be a lot of work... which is why this website is here. Finding fun, exciting, unique date ideas in your area is vital to making a good impression, and keeping them interested.

Why You Want Something New

Do you want to go out to dinner at somewhere like TGI Fridays, then head to a movie each time you meet someone new? Of course you don't! But that's what it's like for many people - they're offered the standard, hardly adequate, dates each time they go out!

And they don't like it. No one would, but most people succumb to the same old boring first, second, third and - if they're lucky - fourth date. By that time, the other person is bored, and no matter how much they may like you, they're probably going to try and find someone who knows how to give them something new. Something unique, exciting, and different than they've ever experienced.

That's the entire reason that you should give your date something unique - because you know that they've been on it only a few times, if at all, and it gives them a chance to have fun.

What Makes a Good Date?

Finding good date ideas... that's hard, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. While we've laid out many of our favorite picks that your date will love, you can think of your own for a unique, special treat.

But what goes into a good date?


You can take them to dinner, sure, and maybe a movie. But there's nothing creative about that - and people love unique and creative things.

When you're thinking about dates, make sure it's something that's outside of the box... the box is boring, and if you show them a date that lacks creativity, they might think that you yourself lack creativity.


Throwing together a date in two minutes is something that any hack can do, and sure, that's okay in a rush. But people love to know that you care about them, and showing that you put thought into the time you spend together is one of those things that they'll go crazy for.

Instead of just going out to dinner, go out to their favorite restaurant. Instead of buying them any old gift, buy something they were talking about on one of your other dates, then write them a sweet note reminding them of that date and telling them how much they mean to you and then reminding them they were talking about that gift. Remember the activities that they love, and the things that they've always wanted to do... this will show them that you really care.


Date ideas aren't hard - start from the basics of a date, and work from there. For some unique date ideas, check out the articles we have. Romantic ideas, creative ideas... even some odd ball things that they'll love.

A date is time spent together. Show them that you're interested in them, and that you care, by giving them unique and interesting dates that they'll love.