Date Night Ideas

You want to woo your date, surprise them, and give them a great night that they'll enjoy. Dating in the evening is not only traditional, but challenging - finding good date night ideas is hard, and meeting their expectations can be even harder.

Romantic Dinner In

Find a good recipe online and start cooking! Doing a romantic dinner is something that everybody loves, and it's so classic that it's perfect. Most men don't ever cook for their women anymore so if you are a a guy this is a great way to make an impression!

Make sure to do a full dinner - appetizer, dinner, and dessert - and don't just wing it. Either do things that you know how to cook, or cook it once before you serve it to your beloved.

Be careful of dietary needs - if they are gluten sensitive, eating pasta is going to be a big no-no. And if they arelactose intolerant, that delicious dessert can turn into you holding the tissue as it comes back up.

Make sure your apartment is clean, too. If you have excess junk, box it up and toss it into the closet. Vacuum and sweep, and make sure the table is set, candles and all (The more candles, the less fake lighting, and the better it looks).

The music should be soft, and romantic - if you don't know good CDs, head online and find some classics.

It doesn't have to be perfect. Just sweet, gentle, and nice.

Mystery Date Night

One of my favorite date night ideas, this takes a willingness to be adventurous and a taste for being spontaneous... but if you're the right person, it can be a ton of fun.

Sit down together one evening, and take a notebook. Cut out squares of paper that are roughly the same size (A decent size, too - don't do something small and crappy. Bigger than a fortune you find in a fortune cookie), and split them 50/50.

Then, write down some date night ideas... bowling, movies, anything - but be specific. These should be only things you would want to do in the night, so pick specific restaurants, cities, or hotels.

Then, toss them all in a hat. Or a bag, if you have a nice one, and set them to the side. When you both are stumped for a date, or want something exciting, sit down and pull a piece of paper from the bag.

You can put things on like a nearby city that has the most beautiful lake at night, a local theatre you've been meaning to go to, or that great restaurant down the road that you ate at a few years ago, and loved but never went back.


Dating in the evening can be more fun than in the afternoon, if you do it right, but the most important thing to do is enjoy yourself as you're doing it. Whether sitting down by a fire with a bottle of wine or going to your favorite theatre to see a midnight showing, remember that it's a date, and it's supposed to be fun.


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