Dating Ideas In New York City

NYC is the city that never sleeps, and for
good reason. Tons of people are walking along the sidewalks, driving
on the streets, and milling around in a subway waiting for their
stop. A mass of colors, lights, and its very own musical tune, there
is no where else in the world like New York.

Date ideas in New York aren’t hard… maybe
you’re visiting, and wanting to take your partner on an unforgettable
trip, or you live around there, an you need something new and exciting
to do. Fear not – there are hundreds of different activities to
choose from!

Fly Away

Ever want to get an eagle-eyed view of New
York? Well, Liberty Helicopters offers it! With no prep needed,
and no hassle on your part, it’s a good spur of the moment thing,
or a planned date for two.

With Liberty Helicopter, you get a fifteen
minute, completely private trip, it’s magical and unique… and
you’re so high above the busy bustle of the city, you can truly
appreciate the space and beauty of it all.

You also get a complimentary bottle of champagne
after the flight, along with a 5×7 photo to remember your trip.
You truly can’t go wrong – unless your partner is afraid of heights!

As a side note, if you’re a guy considering
proposing to your one-and-only, this is a stunning way to do it.
Soar over the UN, Central Park, or even the Empire State Building
as you ask her to spend the right of your lives together.

Times Square

You’ve seen it in pictures, and even on TV,
no doubt, but nothing truly compares when you consider the experience
of being in Times Square, the ‘center of the world’. If you have
never been before this is one of the best date ideas in New York,
they’ll not forget this one!

Snag a passerby, and strike a pose with you
two love birds kissing, at peace with the hectic nature of everything
else around you. Snag snapshots of the big signs, and spend time
visiting the big and small stores around Times Square.

Wander the side streets, and see everything
you can in that area. Grab some food at the street vendors, and
lean against a wall to talk and enjoy your food. It’s an exciting,
fun date that they will never forget.

The Horse-Drawn Carriage

Central Park is romantic on its own -
enourmous in size and quiet compared to the rest of New York, and gorgeous to
hang out and spend time in. If you’re searching for the most romantic
evening possible in the city that doesn’t sleep, this is certainly

Grab a horse drawn carriage, and sit back while
you see all of Central Park. Enjoy the evening or afternoon, and
it’s really a date idea that they won’t forget.

Head to Bianca afterwards (5 Bleecker St) -
it’s a straight forward, easy to understand Italian restaurant that’s
a must stop when you’re on a date. Rustic, chic exposed brick walls
add to the atmosphere that truly is amazing.


There is so much to do in New York – you could
live a lifetime there, and never see it all. Date ideas in New York
are easy to find, so just use your head when you’re there, and take
into consideration everything before you make a move.

Trust me. New York City is someplace that you’ll
want to come back to again and again.