Day Date Ideas

Dating is almost an art, and if you're good at doing the sweet, romantic night out, maybe you should challenge yourself to something different... day date ideas are great when you and your partner are stuck in a rut, and need something different, or just want to impress someone.

Dating doesn't have to be the traditional thing everyone thinks it is, and going on a date during the day, instead of in the evening, can be a lot more fun than you might think.

Going to the Zoo

One of my favorite day date ideas is going to the zoo. Most areas have at least a decent zoo within an hours drive, and it's probably something not a lot of people would think of. And if you haven't done it since you were a child, it can be a lot of fun.

Spend at least a few hours walking around and looking at the animals - see if you can find a bigger zoo with a petting area, too, so that you can buy animal food pellets, and feed the goats or chickens, or any other animals that they might have.

Afterwards, make reservations for a late lunch at a quiet, private restaurant or pub, and talk about the different animals you saw, and if you want any pets in the near future ;)

Sunrise Hike

This takes a bit of research on your part, but it's something that they'll remember for a long time. See if you can find a buddy that likes to hike, and knows the trails - try to find one that has a clearing facing East. Then, wake them up early in the morning and go hiking.

They might object at first, but that's okay - they'll love the end result. Go to the clearing facing the East, and pull out a thermos full of either hot coffee, or hot chocolate. Sit together and watch the sun rise.

Afterwards, go out to breakfast at a local diner. You both should order something that each other likes, and split your meals. It's an amazing, memorable morning together that they'll always remember.


A picnic can be a lot of fun, and is another of my favorite great day date ideas. It's perfect if you barely know them, or have been dating for months or years.

Grab a large, light blanket, and start packing food. Don't make anything too complex, but things like salads, sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, noodles, and chicken are great ideas.

Spend time under the shade of a nice tree in a park, and bring books. Take turns reading to each other, talking about your week, and just spend time with each other - no pressure, no hassle, and certainly no pushy waiters trying to get you out of there as quickly as possible.


Day date ideas are fairly straight forward - it doesn't have to be hard, but something that you both will enjoy, that you can't do otherwise. Don't make it difficult, and never push anything on to them that they definitely don't like.