Dinner Date Ideas

We’ve all been on hundreds of dinner dates
before… sit down, eat, fumble with your napkin, laugh at bad jokes,
look awkward together, try to ignore the awkward silence that builds
between you, then go home and get ready to do it all over again.

If you’re like a lot of people, you realize
that the traditional dinner date ideas are out of style, and that
nobody wants to hassle with it anymore. Finding new dinner date
ideas can be hard… but isn’t it worth it to give them an enjoyable
dinner date, and make yourself stick out in their mind for a long

Picnic Dinner

This is good if you’re low on cash, or just
want something different and new. Make a normal dinner – anything
works, really, considering that you’re not leaving your house. You
can also order take out, and make it a ‘Take-Out-At-Home’ picnic
– a meal like Chinese works great, but pizza will make do in a pinch.

Clear off most of your living room floor -
push the table to the side, and the furniture against the walls
– and spread out a thick, plush blanket. Make sure that it’s soft
enough to be comfortable, but sturdy enough to hold up against spills.

Put on some nice music, lay out your food so
that it looks nice and set up a handful of candles around – the
more you have, the better. Then invite your partner over, and show
them the beautiful indoor picnic that you’ve created.

Dinner Theatre

A unique twist on the standard ‘dinner and
a movie’ date, this is something that almost anyone can enjoy, and
usually isn’t too pricy – certainly cheaper than some restaurants
out there.

Dinner theatre is available in most larger
cities, and even some small cities with a decent community theatre
scene, and you can find a whole host of different plays available.
Comedy is always a great choice, but a more serious play can be
fun, too – just remember to not take the entire play too seriously.

Afterwards, go out for coffee and discuss the
play, and critique the actors… remember, though, they’re working
hard and doing their best. They don’t get paid much, if anything,
to do that!

Home Made, Slam-Bam Fortune Cookie

Grab Chinese take out, but make sure to serve
it on a plate – not out of the carton (That’s okay when it’s just
you, but not very classy for a date!) – and set up your entire apartment
nicely. If you want to go for a romantic night, candles and flowers
are a must. If not, sit down in front of the TV and put on a movie-night,
with their favorite movies and your own.

After dinner, serve a fortune cookie with a
personalized fortune… no, this won’t cost you a bundle! It’s actually
quite easy.

Take a razor and make a small slit in the side
of the fortune cookies bag, then pull the cookie out. Don’t break
the cookie, or it won’t be worth the hassle. Take tweezers and carefully
pull the fortune out, then grab your computer and a printer, and
type your own!

Anything from ‘That Wasn’t chicken’ to ‘You
will indeed fall madly in love with -name- and live happily ever
after’… even ‘You look beautiful tonight, -her name-‘ would work
beautifully. Print it out, cut it to the size you need (Make sure
to make it a small font!), and serve!


Try to be unique when you’re thinking of dinner
date ideas, and never presume you know what they like… you might
think sushi is a great idea until their neck swells to three times
its size because you didn’t realize that they were allergic to an
ingredient in the sauce.

That’s never a good date! (but would be memorable…) Check out our related post on indoor date ideas: http://myromanticdateideas.com/indoor-date-ideas/