Double Date Ideas

Most people love double dates – it’s fun, you
get to socialize as you get to know your partner, and you get to
know your best friends partner, too. But finding good double date
ideas is never easy – not only do you have to please two people,
but four. That can get really hard, especially if one of you is
awfully picky.

Here are a few of my favorite simple double
date ideas – these should please almost anyone, and they’re good
all year around.


Bowling is alright with two people, but it
can get boring. Bowling with four, six, or even eight people is
a lot more fun! and you can usually get cheaper rates, and split
bowling food.

It’s a lot of fun, and as long as none of you
are too competitive, you can have a great time – remember to keep
the mood upbeat, though, and don’t take it too seriously. It’s just
a game, after all.

You can either eat there, or go out to a home-style
diner and laugh about how bad each of you did. There’s no reason
to be fancy – a bowling date is much more casual.



Who doesn't love go-karting?

Who doesn’t love go-karting?


You probably have a go-cart track in your area,
even if you don’t realize it – call around, or look online, to see
if somewhere close has one. Then bring everyone together and race!

You have to realize going in that you need
a good sense of humor to be able to enjoy it, along with a willingness
to let out and have fun. This often only happens later on in a relationship,
once you two have known each other better.

Afterwards, take everyone out to eat, and relive
your best racing moments – from when you came in first to when you
ran into the barrels on the side, and four workers had to help dig
you out!


Clean up your apartment, and invite everyone
over. Order pizza, and keep either soda or liquor around (Remember
to have a designated driver!). Once everyone gets there, pull out
a pack of cards and some poker chips, and start playing poker!

It’s a ton of fun to sit around and face off
with poker, and it brings you all together in a competitive, fun
sort of way. Don’t take it too seriously, though, but make sure
you win… ;)

If you all get tired of poker (Hah!), try other
card games – silly ones like Go Fish, or more serious ones like


Instruct everyone to bring chips and drinks
– find a nice spot at your local park or lake that has an outdoors
grill, and do barbeque outside! Make sure everyone brings something
like chips or a drink, and sit around in the evening talking, laughing,
and eating good food.

Is this making you hungry?

Is this making you hungry?

Remember to offer choices for everyone, and
know what they like before you start cooking – you never know, your
friends partner might be a vegetarian, and want to bring veggie
burgers to cook.

You can grill:

Turkey burgers

And a lot more!


Double dates can be a lot of fun, but make
sure that your partner is completely comfortable with it… if they’re
not, it will not only ruin your night, but can hurt your relationship
a lot.

Thinking of double date ideas doesn’t have
to be hard, either. Just take in everyone’s opinions and likes,
and come up with something that will make them all happy!