First Date Ideas

The standard first date is a date that a woman has been on at least fifty times by the time she's ready to settle down. Dinner, a movie, maybe a walk, then home. Nothing fancy, interesting, or exciting - and certainly nothing to stick out in her mind.

Finding good, unique first date ideas that she'll remember is a challenge... but it's worth it. If you can stick out on the first date, there's sure to be more!


Have a dog? Okay, a dog that's bigger than a breadbox... well, put your dog in the backseat, your new gal in the front, and go for a long hike through the woods.

Even if you don't have a dog, going hiking is a great first date that's fun, easy, and there's no pressure at all to talk - but there's a ton of opportunity to talk, so if you hit it off, it's great. And if you don't, no big deal. You got some exercise, and now you know she's not for you.

Afterwards, take her out for coffee and a dessert to celebrate the fun times, and the enjoyable date, that you two hopefully had. If it went well, offer to 'hang out more' and take your pooch to the beach. Sit in the sand as you play fetch and just talk.

Dinner Theatre

Dinner theatre isn't dead - not by a long shot. Just flip through your local phone book, and see if you can find a dinner theatre within an hours drive... chances are, there is one. And it makes an incredible date.

Hop in the car with some good CDs, and drive to the nearest one when it has a showing. There's no pressure to communicate, so you don't have to feel like you need to think of something to say, and you can have a lot of fun at the right theatre.

If the date didn't go so well, it's okay. Just bring her home, tell her you had a lovely time, and be on your way. If it did go well, and you don't want it to end, take her out for coffee, or on a moon-lit walk if the weather is nice, and talk a bit more than you did earlier.

Garage Sale-ing

If you don't think that your girl is the 'posh', upper-class type of gal, grab a few bucks out of the ATM and go garage sale-ing. It's fun, easy, and pretty cheap all things considered.

You can find tons of good garage sales in your local newspaper, so scout out early, or wing it with a drive-by of any that you can find that day. Buy her cute things that she wants - like a stuffed animal, nice shirt, or anything else you can find.

Afterwards, take her for a nice meal, and maybe even go for a walk. Drop her off at her place not only with a full stomach and a smile on her face, but a few items to remember you by. She won't forget to call if, every time she looks at Buddy the Teddy Bear, she thinks of you.


There are a few keys to great first date ideas. There shouldn't be too much pressure to converse with your date, but you should be able to often if you feel like you're hitting it off. And fun should, without a doubt, be an element - a serious, romantic date is fine if you've known each other a while, but for a first, show her your inner child.