Fun Date Ideas

Doing something unique that’s also fun for
a date is something hard… fun date ideas are few and far between,
after all, and if your partner doesn’t have fun on your date, you’re
in trouble.

Instead of taking them to the lame dinner and
a movie date that they’ve been on a hundred times before, try something
not only a lot of fun, but a date that they’re going to remember
for the rest of they’re life… if they remember your date,
they’re going to remember you!

Video Games

Surprise them
with something that’s unique
– clean up your entire apartment, and bring them over! Grab
pizza, soda, and maybe some chips, and enjoy some old school fun.

Video games are getting increasingly sophisticated,
and therefore they are turning off as many people as they are attracting.
Chances are if your partner does not usually play these then you
can get them interested by going back in time and getting your hands
on something like a SNES! (of course if they do like games and you
don’t then maybe it is you who will like this angle istead!).

You can play on games that are a lot of fun
without being super complicated – Super Mario Kart anyone?

Or how about Donkey Kong Bongos for the Gamecube?
Where you have to clap along with popular tunes and play the bongos
in tune as well (great fun!).

Maybe even get a Wii – they are all the rage
and it means you can both play tennis together or darts, or just
have lots of interactive fun that will have you both laughing and
interacting like you just can’t do with most dates.

Give it a try and see how much fun you can

Horseback Riding

It’s fun, it’s sort of romantic, and most people
love animals. Horseback riding is one of the fun date ideas that
she will remember for a long time, and all her girlfriends will
be jealous that you were able to do something so special together,
or one that he will remember because he would never think of trying
it normally! 
You can find horseback riding lessons almost anywhere – even if you live in a big city, though you might have to drive a bit.

Trails or open fields, it’s wonderful and they’ll enjoy it once they get into it. Take them out to dinner that night somewhere easy and special, so pay attention to the type of food they like!

Children’s date

We all know someone with children… our
sister, aunt, even sometimes our own friends have kids. Women naturally
love children, too – it’s a maternal thing, but it’s true.

See if you can take the children you know out!
Go to eat, then to a park, and for ice cream afterwards. You’ll
be a winner in their eyes, and you have to admit – running
around on a playground sounds fun!

Plus, you’ll win major points with the parents
of the child… everyone needs some time off.


Choosing fun date ideas is something that you
not only should do, but have to do if you want to stand out in her
mind. Anybody can take someone on a plain, typical date… but
only someone special can make them laugh & have fun.

We all love to laugh,
so fun date ideas are essential!

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