Ideas For A Date

Finding good ideas for a date can be hard, especially if your partner can be a bit picky when it comes to dating. When you're stuck for ideas, and need something special, the pressure can be mind blowing… you want to impress them, but you have no idea how.

Some people just naturally aren't good at coming up with ideas for a date. It happens – so don't freak out. Take a few calming breaths, and really think about it!

Romantic Dinner

Want to learn more about who they are, as a person? Or are you looking to woo them in more ways then one? Or perhaps, both ring true for you?

A romantic dinner date is perfect! It's classic, which means that they'll love it, and you get to show them– even subconsciously – that you'd be a good long term love, if only because you can cook!

Make sure your apartment/house is tidy, and junk is shoved in a closet, and try meals that sound impressive, but are easy to make. Don't skimp, either – do an appetizer, dinner, and dessert to give a good impression!


Grab those hiking boots, a backpack, and your partner – head out onto a local trail, and enjoy nature at its finest. Not only does this show that you're a great person for loving the earth around you, but you get to spend a few quality hours together.

Pack a picnic lunch, and sit by a pond, or in a clearing, and talk for a while. You can't go wrong!


Spend an entire day in a few museums. Sit around, talk, laugh, and appreciate the art that has been around for hundreds of years. Have fun with it, but don't make it so loud that the others around you can't appreciate the art!

Afterwards, take them for classic Italian food, and talk about how much you enjoyed seeing something new and different. You might even learn something!

Arcade Date

Do you know of a place near you that has an arcade? A mall, perhaps, or even a truck stop? It may not seem like the most romantic date, but if they love to do something fun, they'll appreciate the thought.

Grab a slushy or smoothie before you go to game, and make sure you have at least $10 in quarters to play with – the more you have, the more fun you both will have.

Don't forget to top off the night by winning something fluffy and light in the claw machines (cheat by looking round for one where a toy is half over the drop to where you pick it up, then just aim the claw to drop down and 'push' it over as you know the claw never closes but it can push things quite well!).

Egg Coloring

If it's Easter or not, this is a lot of fun. Stock up on the egg dyes that you can find in your local grocery store, and when you can't think of anything to do, bring a package out!

Egg coloring is something fun, which they will appreciate, and something that they probably haven't done since they were a child. Put those two things together, and you have a winner.

Afterwards, see if you can find a great recipe for eggs, and cook your colorful creations for dinner!


Ideas for a date aren't hard to come by, and chances are, if you think long enough you'll be able to find something special. Try these ideas, or make one of your own.

As long as it's special, unique, and something one of you enjoys, you're sure to have a blast.