Indoor Date Ideas – great tips for stay in dates

So, you and your date don’t wanna go out. Or both of you are just lazy. It’s fine, dating at home and staying indoors need not be boring. Here’s a few indoor date ideas to get you started and going:

Rent a nice good movie

I know I know, I can hear you say that it’s been done to the death. But bear with me, there’s some ways to make the whole process fun and not just about the movie itself. You can start of by thinking of the kind of foods or snacks to munch on for the movie.

Popcorn? Boring! Why not try pop-corn chicken? Soda? Boring! Why not go search for some nice recipes online and create a mojito mocktail? Part of the fun comes in thinking of what snacks to prepare for the movie and the preparation of the food itself can be pretty fun too :)

Spend an hour or so creating and ‘setting the stage’ with food, comfy pillows, drinks – it’s a great way to build anticipation for the movie.

This is a simple, low cost and fun indoor date idea. Besides it can also be a good chance for you to show off your more ‘homely’ side!

Board game time!

There’s so many board games available at cheap price nowadays. There’s quite a few popular games out there so choose judiciously. Personally I like games that don’t really require much thinking, can induce lots of laughter and physical contact.

For that reason, I like games like ‘smart ass‘ and ‘ugly doll‘. Games guaranteed to bring on the guffaws. These are also usually cheaper (Ugly doll cost less then $9!) than the more serious intellectual games. Of course, if your date wants a good brain workout and you don’t mind working those brain juices…by all means choose the more ‘thinking required’ games.

The great about these games is that it can be played over and over again. I would recommend you vary the games played. If you guys play just one game for the night, it can get kinda monotonous.

Create something…

This can involve piecing together a handicraft work, creating a woodshed, or even sewing (don’t groan guys!). It has been proven that if a couple, or a potential couple, engage their creative part of their brains together – they bond quicker and deeper!

You can start by striking a ‘deal’ – you help her with her handicraft stuff today…she helps you with that chicken coop you want to build in the garden next week! Trust me, this kind of creative activity and brings hours of joy and fun.

Plus, when it is all done and dusted, you and your partner have something tangible to remember and look back on.

More ideas on what can be created together: art pieces, paintings, drawings, creating a website, photo albums, planting etc..

So there you have it, a few ideas to get you started on your indoor dates! Check out some unusual date ideas here.

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