Spontaneous Date Ideas

Romance is the key – no matter if you’ve been
together ten dates or ten years. Spontaneous date ideas are romantic,
even if they’re silly – just because they’re completely spontaneous.

Ready to be the man or
woman of their dreams
sweep them off of their feet, and surprise them with some of the
most unique and spontaneous dates they’ve ever had? No? Well, let’s
try something easy – like creating romance, and having fun.

Pick a Name out of a Hat

Write down the names of all of the local restaurants
on a different slip of paper, then toss them in a bag or hat. Put
the hat to the side, and forget about it for a while, so you’re
not quite sure everything that’s in it.

Now, when you need something to shake it up,
grab the hat and let your partner choose a restaurant, letting them
know that you’ve put ten-fifty local restaurants, and that you want
them to choose where to go.

Go to your first choice, unless it’s closed.
Make a promise before you go that you’re going to try a new, exciting
dish – and if you don’t like it, oh well, no big deal. It’s fun,
it’s random, and it’s something they are sure to enjoy (get’s over
the ‘you choose’, ‘no you choose’ conversation too!).

What’s IN The House

Don’t have a ton of money? Make a carpet picnic
– lay down a blanket in the living room, and eat while talking,
without having the TV or radio on. But no, that’s not what’s interesting
about this date…

Your food should be only what you have in the
house, no cheating and going out for anything more than the basics,
like milk, eggs, or spices. Pull everything out on the counter,
and see what you two can come up with for an interesting and delicious

Not only do you get to spend a lot of time
together this way, but you have both a fun and a
romantic element
– the fun being that you get to make up new meals and food, and
the romantic being eating them while talking.


Want to spend a day away? Leave in the morning,
and drive. Just drive – don’t have a destination, or an idea of
where you’re going. Let them choose the turns you take, and see
if you can end up in a small town or some diamond in the rough area.

Take them to eat in a diner or restaurant you
find here, then ask locals for directions back to your home town.
Before you leave, take a walk and see the different things of small
town living (Or big city, depending on where you end up!).


Be romantic – be fun. Spontaneous date ideas
are just that. Spontaneous. Don’t plan, just go… these will, without
a doubt, be some of your best memories.