Spring Date Ideas

You’ve been cooped up in the house all winter,
without a warm sun and a bright, clear blue sky… you’re ready
to get out, and it’s warmer than it has been. Spring date ideas
are right around your corner.

But don’t blow it – the spring is a time of
new beginnings. Don’t let your partner think that they need a new
beginning by getting rid of you! So be sure to use the best ideas


Everything is in bloom during the spring, so
check out your local botanical gardens for some amazing fun. Before
hand, let them know where you’re going, and read up on it. Make
it a test, and see who can remember more flowers by sight.

I wish I had a garden like this...

I wish I had a garden like this…

Then, when you’re there, keep score. Whoever
has more should do something fun, like pick a restaurant or make
dinner next week for the other person. Something that doesn’t
involve a chore to bring down the day.

Spend time walking through the gardens, talking
and enjoying the beautiful flowers, trees, and plants, along with
the natural smells that go with it. Afterwards, take them out for
a nice, quiet dinner and relax, talking more.

Want Something More?

Instead of going to a garden, create one! Take
a trip to your local Lowes, and plant flowers in your front yard.
Better yet, grab some partially grown flowers, and take them to
a needy family. Offer to plant them along their house for no charge,
and help someone as you’re having fun.


If you’re not into spending a lot of money,
why not go to a park on a beautiful spring day? Spring date ideas
shouldn’t have to cost you a lot of money anyway!

Sit down on the swings with your beloved and
talk about your childhood, and what it was like growing up – if
you moved a lot, or if you stayed rooted in the same place for a

You can’t beat the romantic element added,
and afterwards, take them for ice cream to further relive your childhood.
It’s fun, easy, and best of all, won’t break your wallet.


Take them fishing! Really, I’m serious – this
is an amazing spring date that brings the both of you together,
and teaches you new skills. Fishing is fun, gets you out, and lets
you talk, without having pressure to.

If one of your doesn’t know what to do then
they teach the other!


Fishing for dates?

Rent a boat if you’d like, or sit on a dock.
If you don’t have fishing equipment, you can borrow a buddies, depending
on who you know does fish.

Bring some snacks, and sit around, watching
the water and asking different questions to get to know one another.
It’s an amazing bonding experience, and you’ll have a lot of fun.


Spring date ideas are all about getting outside
– there’s no use being cooped up in the house if you have been all
winter. Enjoy the weather, and each other, with something different.