Best Chat Sites

Chat sites are a good way to form new relationships, whether you are looking for just a friend, a casual hookup, or a soulmate. We have selected the best of them that offer exclusive free features and paid membership at a reasonable price.

How to Choose the Best Chat Site

Perhaps, you have already heard there are many scams on the internet, including on chat dating sites. That is why you have to be extremely careful when choosing a dating platform. You should never trust random sites you see advertisements for. Best chat sites are proven and have an excellent reputation all over the world. Many of them require email verification, which decreases the creation of fake profiles significantly. But still, it doesn’t mean you should not be extra cautious. Always check the profile of the person who messaged you on any dating site. If there is not enough information or pictures, think twice before trusting them. And if something seems really suspicious, don’t hesitate to report them to the site administrators.

logo benaughty


As the name suggests, is one of those chat sites aimed at people seeking fun and casual hookups. Once you register, it gives you immediate match suggestions based on your location. The mobile version can be used on all devices, and there is a separate app for Android that you can download from Google Play. Our team has decided to give this chat site a rating of 4.85 stars.

logo flirt

Flirt is an international chat site famous for its high member activity. Registered users are diverse in nationality, so there is something for every taste. There are a special roulette-type matching feature, Favorites list, and other great features. The mobile version can be used on all browsers, but there is no downloadable mobile app yet. gets a rating of 4.70 stars.

logo adultfriendfinder

Adultfriendfinder is a number one adult dating chat site that owns several awards. It has more than 80 million users from all over the world. There are many communication features and a Livestream function. Members can even create groups or blogs. The mobile app is compatible with Android and IOS devices. We believe this chat site thoroughly deserves 4.90 stars.

logo meetme

MeetMe is a dating site with a large user base from different countries. It allows all users to communicate for free. There is also a special dating game called “Blind Date.” This platform will offer you a downloadable mobile app for IOS and Android. In our estimation, the chat site gets 4.80 stars.

logo 321chat

321chat is a leading dating community with thousands of members from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia. It has fun chat rooms that will bring you a lot of positive energy. You can download a free mobile app for Android from your Google Play store. Our final rating for this website is 4.75 stars.

Online Dating and Chatting: A Step by Step Guide

How do we find true love? This is probably the most asked question for centuries. And somehow, no one has yet come up with an answer. Many people still feel lonely and struggle to find companionship. Some have hectic daily routines, and others just don’t know how to socialize. That is why chat sites are the best option to meet someone these days. You no longer have to go to one of those blind dates or set-ups that usually end with awkward silence. When you use a dating site, you can search for members according to your preferences. Most chat sites offer matchmaking functions that can find you a partner very fast. The moment you see the first profile, you can either like or ignore it. If you don’t really like them, it’s okay to just click on X. There are so many members that you will surely match with someone better. This feature will save you the effort to open the search and fill in all parameters.

Make a Detailed Profile

Lots of users don’t believe in the power of their profile on chat sites. But the truth is, it’s the most important thing. If there isn’t enough information or you put something repulsive, no one will contact you. That is why you have to add relevant information and appropriate photos.

Meet Your Own Standards and Expectations

Just because you have registered on a dating site doesn’t mean you have to change your views. Think of what kind of relationship you want and what you expect from the other person. Some people on chat sites have low standards, but you should stick to your own principles.

Great First Message Online – How to Write It

In many cases, users on chat sites try to message as many people as possible. But this is a wrong approach. You shouldn’t spend much time writing to random people but pick the best matches instead. This way, you can find out more about the person and write a good first message. Many members on dating sites and apps, especially women, share that they get tons of lazy and cliché messages that they just ignore all the time. If you decide to make a compliment, you should also take into account a few things. People are tired of getting compliments about their looks. They consider them meaningless and even shallow. So, if you want to succeed on chat sites, you’d better compliment people’s personalities more. Users would be glad to see you are interested in who they are, not only what they look like. Asking a question about a specific detail of one’s profile is also a plus because it shows you are taking a serious interest in them.

Take Advantage of the Chat Features

Even if you are having a hard time “breaking the ice” on dating sites, the chat features will come to the rescue. There are funny emojis that you can use and lift both your and the other person’s mood. Besides, you can share different photos and videos in private chat.

Make the First Move

Both in real life and online dating sites, no one likes overly indecisive people. That is why you have to take the initiative and show your potential partner what you can. Although the matching features connect you quickly, you are the one to make the first move.

Chat Sites and the First Real Date

Anyone who uses chat sites dreams of a perfect first date with the most appealing person they met online. When the time comes, you need to be prepared to give you a few useful tips. First, make sure the user you are about to meet is real. Although chat sites take special measures against scams and fake profiles, you can never be sure. If you see something suspicious, don’t agree on a date, especially if it’s not in a public place. Rule number 2 – don’t obsess so much over something that hasn’t happened yet. Moreover, don’t invent all sorts of things to get someone to like you, but just be yourself. If they liked you in the chat, it would be the same when you meet in person.

Treat First Dates as Practice

People who treat first dates as something exceptional and uncommon often end up disappointed. When you meet users on chat sites, you’d better take your relationship out of the virtual world sooner and set a date. In this way, you will learn to accept first dates as common practice and won’t build up the tension every time. There is nothing wrong with going on more dates and having fun with your new friends. Who knows, you might find love during one of these dates someday.

Online Dating Sites – Summary

As you can see, the benefits of online dating sites can be great. In fact, they can help you change your life completely. While using chat sites, you will become a more confident person who is not afraid to flirt and seek happiness. Dating sites will give you access to both free and paid features, which will facilitate your search for a suitable partner. So, don’t be skeptical. Give them a chance, and you will not regret it. Registration takes no more than 2 minutes but can be crucial to your love life.

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