Explore ten cheap date ideas to get started

Go hiking

Going for a hike can be relaxing or challenging, depending on the experience of the trail you take. A waterfall or scenic view can be the best romantic hiking, but getting out together can be all you need to connect with your date. Stop and cherish all the beauty of nature and leave the smart devices behind. Keep it to within 45 minutes. You don't want to get exhausted on the epic journey and end up fumbling through the dark. This fantastic dating idea works more in the fall when you can see all the transforming leaves on trees around you. You can go on free hiking or visit the state park if you have some change to spare.

Cheap date ideas

Take a ride

If hiking isn't for you or the person, you are dating, taking a panoramic drive can be the next best date. Scenic drives differ depending on each season. However, autumn has the best scenic moments, especially if you live in a region where the leaves change colors, and most highways near coasts are glamorous in the spring and summer.

The Photography date

Smartphones come equipped with very good cameras, so you shouldn't need any additional device for this except an optional tripod or selfie-stick. You can also go on a photo hunting excursion in your hometown for the areas and theatres that best reflect where you live. Afterward, you can pick a number of the best photos and upload one of the many profiles or pages and create wall calendars. This could do nicely with a drive down memory lane or park picture dating experience. You can also make it a dual date with another couple which will even be more fun.

A Picnic

This is a tried-and-true exotic date idea that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Bring food from home, along with some snacks and beverages. Take a blanket and go to your provincial park for lunch. Spend some hours talking, basking in food, and people-watching. Also, mixing your picnic with a long bike ride can make a nice dating difference.

Take Dessert, Tea or Coffee

Dessert, tea, or coffee is always cheaper than going out to have lunch. Plus, if you're willing to splurge, you can aim at trying new flavors or specialties you naturally wouldn't bother with. Cozy coffee and tea shops or bakeries could make a great low-key date.

Visit the Zoo

Going to a zoo can be a bit more fascinating than a gallery, especially if it includes rare animals. The cost of entry varies greatly, but many bigger cities keep small zoos that might be free or cost less. Just be sure to squeeze in your snacks and enjoy an excellent dating experience.

Cook Together

The culinary arts are not for everyone, but experimenting in the kitchen with your date can be fun. Create a meal or prepare a particular dessert together. Dine-in candlelight, without having to wait to be attended to and without a price tag.

Movie Night

If there's a movie or show you and the person you are dating has been planning to watch, mark out a date and time for you to go on a viewing marathon. Having a subscription service or Youtube streaming can be close to free. There are plenty of series accessible for free online.

You can spice it up by shopping for some candy, popcorn, and other movie staples.

Down Memory lane

Nothing exciting around you to show the person you are dating? Grab a drive-through memory lane instead. Get old pictures out of storage or borrow from a relative and pastime going through them. This is a great romantic way of sharing your date life. Reminiscing over old photos taken of the two of you together.

Fun Game

Board or card games can make for an amazing dating evening. Put a friendly couple-related bet on the outcome, like the loser buys drinks or dinner to make the game more interesting. Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit can get too mentally competitive, so forget that. Play a game with enough likelihood involved that no one's emotions will get hurt if someone fully overwhelms the other. Let the prize include a night out, and this affordable dating idea might lead to another.