Ten Funny Pick-up Lines

Pick-up lines are friendly or lovely words or phrases put together to begin conversations to arrest the attention of the person you are talking to. As a man that wants to engage a woman in a captivating conversation, pick-up lines are what you need to set the ball rolling. These pick-up lines keep them at the edge of their seats, and they will even be anxious to know you more. This is enough to help you show your personality and even help you begin dating.

Dating pick-up lines

It is a well-known fact that women detest conversing with boring men. They particularly do not like the ones that are not oratorically endowed because they hate boring conversations. For this reason, if you know that you are not that romantic and not good at engaging women in lively conversations, pick-up lines will go a long way in getting women. Women naturally love to be flattered; they love funny men and those who are cheesy. Ticking these boxes is super useful, most especially if your end game is to begin dating them.

It is highly necessary to have a sugar-coated mouth to gain the attention of women. With pick-up lines, your conversation will not only be sugar-coated but will be full of extraordinary statements which will make women develop a very serious interest in you. With very good pick-up lines, women will want to get to know more about you. They become interested in your background and what exactly you want from them.

If you choose very lovely pick-up lines to begin your conversations with women, there is no way they will not want to be talking to you every day. This is because they know that talking to you will bring smiles to their faces. It is also a great way to tell them how much you are will to put in to begin dating them.

The truth is, pick-up lines are not the first choices of men, but they are like an intro for everyone to know that you are considering dating them. They are hilarious in nature, and they lighten up the mood. As a warm-up, pick-up lines can work wonders in helping you get the girl of your dreams. They can also give you the confidence to keep on going with any woman.

Here are some of the funniest pick-up line used across the world divided into categories which can be used by and for anyone.

Cheesy earth-related pick-up lines

These pick-up lines use earth-related topics to say they want to begin dating you.

  1. Baby, you must be gravity, because like the earth, you are pulling me to you.
  2. Love, you're like the sun, you're the center of my universe, you brighten up my day, and your beauty is so bright it hurts my eyes.

Cheesy technology-related pick-up lines

These pick-up lines use technology, the internet, or other modern-day topics to quote their interest in you.

  1. Are you Google? You are an answer to every question I have had all my life.
  2. Baby, you are like a computer keyboard because you are my type.

Cheesy profession-related pick-up lines.

These pick-up lines use professional topics and jobs to explain their interest in dating you.

  1. Call the police; I need to report a theft; you just stole my heart and won't return it.
  2. Are you a neurosurgeon? Because I need to get inside your head the way I can't get you out of mine.

Cheesy science-related pick-up lines

These pick-up lines use science points as a reference to state that they want to begin dating you.

  1. Your biology and my physics are excellent; now, all we need is chemistry to complete us.
  2. You must be made of beryllium, gold, and titanium? 'Cause, you're BeAuTiful!

General pick-up lines.

These pick-up lines are general and do not relate to anything, but they are quite funny.

  1. Can I please follow you wherever you are going? I have always been told from childhood to follow my dreams. My parents even told me not to relent in my pursuit.
  2. Hello, did you call my name? I heard in my heart you calling my name. I can notice you have been longing to know my name. Would you like to know my name? I'll tell you if you ask.